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Waterless Cleaning

Water Shortage? We've got you covered.

Ponder this for a moment...

Did you know that every time you wash the car at home with a bucket and hose, you go through 50-150 litres of water?

That’s quite a lot and given the current drought conditions, not ideal.

But there's a better way to get them bright and shiny - a waterless car wash does the trick.

We use less than a litre of liquid per car and there’s not a drop of water or soap suds in sight.

Why go Waterless?

Save Our Precious Water!

Water is precious and in particularly during drought conditions it needs to be conserved.

This is especially true when dealing with a fleet of cars that need a regular clean.

We don't need to reach for the hose pipe to get them bright and shiny, instead a waterless car wash does the trick.

We clean fleets for Watercare Services, and with 18 pool cars in need of a clean once a month, we’re saving upwards of 1,000 litres of water, which we think is a pretty good effort.

And Watercare is stoked too.

Drainage Limitations

Another reason to go waterless is due to drainage limitations in your building and car parks.

Waterless means that there is no runoff that will go into stormwater drains and the sea - which is not ideal at all.
It’s a team effort to both conserve water and care for our waterways. You’re doing your bit and we’re doing ours. Let’s keep it up!

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